My mission is to help bring to reality our clients visions for their companies with great design and creative advertising. Believing that customers need to know more than what is being sold, Blake invests the time to deeply understand her clients so that she can bring to life their mission and their voice.

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About Blake

In May 2020, Blake graduated with her masters in advertising from the University of Texas. She quickly decided to forge her own path after graduating during a pandemic and started building her first company. So without an agency career to jump into, Blake decided to embark on this journey 10 years ahead of schedule. Thus, The Swallowtail Agency was born.

Blake grew up in love with art, creativity and nature. This led her to the graphic design program at LSU where she learned about the technology, and ambition required in this industry. After graduating she worked in e-commerce for a year, but her heart called her back to conceptual work and towards the University of Texas to work for her masters in advertising and art direction through the Texas Creative program.

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Why Swallowtail?

The name symbolizes intuition, inspiration, vulnerability, transformation and consciousness, all qualities Blake utilizies when working on a conceptual idea.

The name needed to be genuine and meaningful. The spiritual meaning of the tiger swallowtail fit both Blake and her approach to conceptual work. She knows when a design is good; she finds inspiration from all aspects of life, art and nature; she uses vulnerability with the world to give her work personality and appeal; she transforms ideas into brands with which people can fall in love; and she is constantly aware of the neuances happening in advertising so her work can change alongside it.