Ad2 Austin Public Service Team

I was the creative chair of the Ad2 public service team in 2022! Our team rebranded the event and created a $50,000 ad campaign and donated it CASA to promote their superhero run in September of 2022. (P.S. We also placed 4th nationally and won the Moaic Awards at ADMERICA this year!)

  • Rebranding
  • Trail Activation
  • Video Assets
  • Banner Ads
  • Peer to Peer Fund Raising

My job is made the most fun by the amazing people I get to create cool shit with.

Event Day!
The campaign and process:
We first gave our pubic service team some branding and picked a worthy cause.
Rebranding the Run

The new logo makes a very clear reference to the comic book art style. It brings energy and life to the event and let’s people know the playfulness you will find at the run.

Kicking everything off with research

You don’t have to wear a mask and cape to be a superhero. In the last two years we have learned that the real superheroes are the one’s that go out of their way to make someone else's life a little better. We wanted to celebrate that idea with our work. Just by participating in the run, spreading awareness, and helping out a little you too can be super to those in need. This concept highlights the efforts of the participants.

The Campaign